Attempted Murder: The Terri Schiavo Coverup
Tuesday, March 22, 2005
  What Terri's caregivers say about Michael and Terri Schiavo

Here's information the mainstream media hasn't reported about Terri: multiple nurses and others who cared for Terri Schiavo over the years contradict Michael Schaivo's claims about his wife, and portray him as an abusive and cruel man who wanted her money. The following quotations are from affadavits on file at To access them, go to the site and click on "court documents" on the left navigation bar. These documents will then appear on the right, among many others:

Michael Schiavo is lying about Terri's desire to die

"He would confide all the time in me that he did not know...I swear to you he never knew what Terri wanted. He would confide in me all the time about how he did not know....I have tried to avoid reading and listening about any of the Terri Schiavo case, but I felt guilty because I did not want to get involved. I should have sooner, and my heart is sick for the rest of the Schindler family." -- Trudy Capone, nurse and former caregiver for Terri Schiavo

Michael Schiavo was cruel to Terri and wanted her to die

"Throughout my time at Palm Gardens, Michael Schiavo was focused on Terri’s death. Michael would say “When is she going to die?,” “Has she died yet?” and “When is that bitch gonna die?” These statements were common knowledge at Palm Gardens, as he would make them casually in passing, without regard even for who he was talking to, as long as it was a staff member. Other statements which I recall him making include “Can’t you do anything to accelerate her death - won’t she ever die?” When she wouldn’t die, Michael would be furious." -- Carla Sauer Iyer, Registered Nurse and former caregiver of Terri Schiavo

"On one occasion Michael Schiavo arrived with his girlfriend, and they entered Terri’s room together. I heard Michael tell his girlfriend that Terri was in a persistent vegetative state and was dying. After they left, Olga told me that Terri was extremely agitated and upset, and wouldn’t react to anyone. When she was upset, which was usually the case after Michael was there, she would withdraw for hours. We were convinced that he was abusing her, and probably saying cruel, terrible things to her because she would be so upset when he left." -- Heidi Law, former caregiver of Terri Schiavo

"Any time Terri would be sick, like with a UTI or fluid buildup in her lungs, colds, pneumonia, Michael would be visibly excited, thrilled even, hoping that she would die. He would call me, as I was the nurse supervisor on the floor, and ask for every little detail about her temperature, blood pressure, etc., and would call back frequently asking if she was dead yet. He would blurt out “I’m going to be rich!,” and would talk about all the things he would buy when Terri died, which included a new car, a new boat, and going to Europe, among other things." -- Carla Sauer Iyer, Registered Nurse and former caregiver of Terri Schiavo

"Several times when Michael visited Terri during my shift, he went into her room alone and closed the door. This worried me because I didn’t trust Michael. When he left, Terri was very agitated, was extremely tense with tightened fists and some times had a cold sweat. She was much less responsive than usual and would just stare out the window, her eyes kind of glassy. It would take much more time and effort than usual to work her hands open to clean her palms." -- Heidi Law, former caregiver of Terri Schiavo

Terri Schiavo is not in a "persistent vegetative state", and is able to talk

"Terri’s medical condition was systematically distorted and misrepresented. When I worked with her, she was alert and oriented. Terri spoke on a regular basis while in my presence, saying such things as “mommy,” and “help me.” “Help me” was, in fact, one of her most frequent utterances. I heard her say it hundreds of times. Terri would try to say the word “pain” when she was in discomfort, but it came out more like “pay.” She didn’t say the “n” sound very well." -- Carla Sauer Iyer, Registered Nurse and former caregiver of Terri Schiavo

"The Palm Gardens staff, myself included, were just amazed that a “Do Not Resuscitate” order had been put on Terri’s chart, considering her age and her obvious cognitive awareness of her surroundings...During the time I cared for Terri, she formed words. I have heard her say “mommy” from time to time, and “momma,” and she also said “help me” a number of times. She would frequently make noises like she was trying to talk. Other staff members talked about her verbalizations." -- Heidi Law, former caregiver of Terri Schiavo

"Terri had very definite likes and dislikes. Olga and I used to call Terri “Fancy Pants,” because she was so particular about certain things. She just adored her baths, and was so happy afterward when she was all clean, smelling sweet from the lotion her mother provided, and wearing the soft nightgowns her mother laundered for her. Terri definitely did not like the taste of the teeth-cleaning swabs or the mouthwash we used. She liked to have her hair combed. She did not like being tucked in, and especially hated it if her legs were tightly tucked. You would always tell when Terri had a bowel movement, as she seem agitated and would sort of “scoot” to get away from it...In the past, I have taken care of comatose patients, including those in a persistent vegetative state. While it is true that those patients will flinch or make sounds occasionally, they don’t do it as a reaction to someone on a constant basis who is taking care of them, the way I saw Terri do...I witnessed a priest visiting Terri a couple of times. Terri would become quiet when he prayed with her. She couldn’t bow her head because of her stiff neck, but she would still try. During the prayer, she would keep her eyes closed, opening them afterward. She laughed at jokes he told her. I definitely know that Terri “is in there.”
" -- Heidi Law, former caregiver of Terri Schiavo

Terri can eat without a feeding tube, and will do so if fed

"I personally saw her swallow the ice water and never saw her gag. Olga and I frequently put orange juice or apple juice in her washcloth to give her something nice to taste, which made her happy. On three or four occasions I personally fed Terri small mouthfuls of Jello, which she was able to swallow and enjoyed immensely. I did not do it more often only because I was so afraid of being caught by Michael." -- Heidi Law, former caregiver of Terri Schiavo

Contact the media with these quotes!

More to come...
Here's another side to this.
thanks for spreading the word.
Hello Terri Supporters.

Attached is an email that I have been sending to Florida State Senators and Gov Bush. I plan to send them to businesses next. I am hoping to get support from others around the country to do the same and boycott goods and services in Florida. I have been praying for Terri, her family, and everyone involved. I feel that this is something we can all do to get the government's attention.
Here is the email:

Good Morning, Senator Portilla.

My name is Elaine Georgas, and I reside in Mobile, AL. I am a 51 yr old wife, mother, and registered nurse. For the record, I am appalled at what is happening regarding Terri Schiavo. Not only do I have concerns from a nursing point of view, but I once was in a situation like Terri's after I was hit by a train in 1978.

I have decided that this case is really all about money (Michael receiving his settlement and all of the pro-euthanasiaists saying that it is too COSTLY to keep Terri alive). Since it is about money and not about human rights, I have decided to boycott any and all goods and services coming out of Florida and in Florida.

I am encouraging friends and relatives to do the same and am contacting as many newspapers around the country to report this grass roots boycott.

I will be contacting Florida senators, house members, Governor Bush, and businesses such as Disney World and Sea World. Let's just see how well Florida does without tourist trade and other monies helping their economy.

My prayers are that you will be filled and blessed with the wisdom of the Lord; that you would be blessed to have the mind, eyes, ears, and heart of the Lord towards Terri; and that you would be blessed to understand the Lord's Prayer when it says "....Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" (let God take Terri when it is His will, not man's will).

I believe that Terri has a purpose on earth: to wake-up America to stop euthanasia and to stop the innocent blood from being shed because of money. How much is a human being worth?

Senator Portilla, I believe that you also have a purpose on earth. God has put you in your position at this very time for a very specific reason. Your purpose is to intervene on Terri's behalf. Someone needs to have courage and be brave and stand up for Terri and others like Terri (children who have CP, the severely retarded, to mention a few).

Senator Portilla, let that person be you. Have the courage to fight for a life not for money. I beg of you to err on the side of life and not death. Don't let Terri be one of the five people you meet in heaven.

I think what they're doing to Terri is SO wrong. They allow mass murderers to die with more dignity than what they're doing to her. What gives them the right to dignity when they've murdered someone??? Terri deserves dignity, she's innocent and trying to survive. To deprive someone of food and water is inhumane and in my opinion murder. I agree that letting her suffer is wrong IF she is even truly suffering. That much I have to admit I'm not sure of, but I am sure that if they had to "pull the plug" so to speak they could at least be humane in their way of doing things.
My family is praying for Terri and her family in the hope that someone wises up and sees this for what it really is...........MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE

The Martin Family
Elaine, the e-mail you're forwarding is ignorant. You have the nerve to quote the Lords Prayer as stock for this arguement, NEVERMIND that it's HUMAN intervention keeping Terri alive right now. If it was left up to the Lord's will, as it should be, then there would be no feeding tube, and Terri would have died 15 years ago. Don't twist the words of our Lord to meet your own needs. I bet it was a fair amount of HUMAN intervention that kept you alive after that train hit you as well. Oh, and good luck ending Florida's tourist trade w/ your letters...I bet in a year you wont even remember to pray for this woman, you hypocrit.
"Anonymous" above engages in namecalling and personal attacks...this is a typical example of the behavior of liberals caught with their pants down. They spew as much empty rhetoric and ad hominems as possible in the hope that people will forget the facts and the truth that are plainly apparent. Notice that he is apparently not even willing to leave a nickname to attach to his ramblings.
Why would the courts isolate one individual and "murder" them? Just plain stupid to think that. The right to live people are the ones not looking at the facts. She is in a PERMANENT vegetative state, not persistent, permanent, never to return to a state of humanity. This is as determined by doctors representing Micheal, her parents, and the courts. Do not try and undermine the current legal system we have developed over hundreds of years to suit your current cause. Let Terri die in peace and if it motivates you right to live people then great. Then lobby for new laws etc, but Terri's time has come as determined by us in the fairest way afforded to all of us. It is now up to us to decide since it was us that intervened in the first place and played GOD 15 years ago.
But does that give them the right to treat her inhumanely??? A convicted mass murderer gets whatever they wantto eat and drink before they are excuted. So what you are saying is that when we sentence someone to the death penalty they deserve NO LESS than NOTHING AT ALL TO EAT OR DRINK!!!!!!!
So if I am reading your statement right you would support Terri then get a lethal injection? She would not suffer at all in that instance. I am ok with that, but they put Dr. Kevorkian away for just that reason no? Kind of hypocritical isn't it? Give her an injection is by far more humane, but then you must set Dr. Kevorkian free. Can't have it both ways no matter how much you want it.
Anonymous: It is always wrong to kill any innocent person directly, and that includes by omission (failing to give water and food to another fall into this category).

From an earlier cheap piece of rhetoric that you posted (subsequently deleted by me -- all such content-free rhetorical posts will meet the same fate), it seems that you might be a Marxist. If this were true it would not be surprising. Marxists killed tens of millions of people during the 20th century (some estimates are more than 100 million), so what's one more?
if they let her die on his words then they are co-conspirators to her murder!
Matthew, I have had no messages erased so I am not this Marxist you speak of.

I believe whole heartedly that no one wants to see Terri die. I certainly do not, but she has been dead 15 years now. She has flat line EEGs. No need for an MRI and a PET scan when your EEGs are flat, that’s just the way it is.

A general question I have is;

Why is it ok to play GOD to save people (as we did for Terri 15 years ago), but we can not to end life? Hypocritical if you ask me.

I am not a fan of having anyone starve to death, but what other option is there? We have, as a nation, found Dr. Kevorkian's actions illegal. Now it seems like he was on to something when we compare a painless injection to starvation.
You say,

"I believe whole heartedly that no one wants to see Terri die. I certainly do not, but she has been dead 15 years now. She has flat line EEGs. No need for an MRI and a PET scan when your EEGs are flat, that’s just the way it is."

You need to read the posts on this site. Multiple neurologists say you are wrong, that she isn't PVS. Nurses say she responds very clearly to them, eats on her own, and even speaks a few words. She clearly isn't PVS. Why should I trust an anonymous post as opposed to the opinions of multiple neurologists? By the way, you can still think and interact with a substantial loss of brain tissue, and brain cells can and will grow to replace lost cells. Also there are emerging therapies that may replace lost brain tissue.

The main issue, however, is not "is Terri PVS"? It is whether or not it can ever be morally licit to starve a person to death, and the answer is NO. We have inborn oblgations to our fellow man, and not feeding a hungry person is murder by omission of a fundamental social obligation.

You write:

"A general question I have is;

Why is it ok to play GOD to save people (as we did for Terri 15 years ago), but we can not to end life? Hypocritical if you ask me."

This is a very vague statement. You are conflating two things: saving a person's life with medical technology, and failing to feed a person. It is not usurping the role of God to use technology to save a person's life, but it IS "playing God" to murder a person, to decide when that person should die, rather than deferring to the judgment of the Creator.

You write:

"I am not a fan of having anyone starve to death, but what other option is there? We have, as a nation, found Dr. Kevorkian's actions illegal. Now it seems like he was on to something when we compare a painless injection to starvation."

The fundamental issue is not pain, but whether or not it can ever be within the right of people to murder one another for any reason, and the answer is "no". We can take life in defense of life, but we never have the right to directly kill an innocent human being.
Thank you Matthew, that's what I was trying to get across. I think the way they're doing this is morally wrong. What I don't understand the most is why in the heck can't her family offer her ice chips or water?? Why not try?? If she can handle them that would prove to the world that she has the will to live. Then the courts would have NO choice but to reconnect her.
Hi Martin Family! Thanks for visiting my site and thanks for the support!

Good question. Why would Judge Greer actually order them NOT to feed her orally if she can't eat that way anyway? His order proves what he's doing: murdering her. In the past he also prohibited swallow tests, refused to accept the testimony of neurologists and nurses that Terri is not PVS, and ignored the fact that Michael Schiavo stood to inherit hundreds of thousands of dollars if Terri died. It's true that the money has mostly been spent now on his attorney (Felos) but if Michael backed down now his motivations would be all too obvious.

Fundamentally, though, the problem is deeper: it is that our society cannot make the distinction between truly artificial life support (like a ventilator) and simply feeding someone through a tube. Food is not life support. Our government seems no longer to acknowledge the fact that human life is sacred and that we have inborn obligations to our fellow man. One of those obligations is give food and drink to those in need. "Quality of life" is never a standard for murdering a person. All human life is of the highest "quality" because it is the life of a person with an immortal soul, a life with meaning that transcends feelings of pleasure and pain, and full biological functionality. Suffering has meaning and purpose too, and can never be used to justify murder or suicide.
Michael Reagan compares Terri Schavo's condition to that of his father, Ronald Reagan.
In his nationally syndicated column today, Micahel Reagan wrote:
"Based on what the pro-death contingent is saying about Terri, that because she doesn't have any real quality of life, that she can't feed herself or can't take care of herself or speak coherently, that she should be put to death in a cruel and inhuman manner.
In his final days, my dad, Ronald Reagan, had no quality of life, could not feed himself or take care of himself, communicate in even the most rudimentary way, and lay bedridden and mute, a terrible burden on Nancy. Should I have told Nancy to stop feeding my day so he could die and she could go on with her life?
And if I had, would not the nation have risen up in justifiable outrage and demanded that his life be preserved until GOD called him home?". Maureen
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